Deliver on what matters most

We're here to deliver on the commitments made to your customers, partners and collaborators. When the path forward is unclear, we identify the most important work and provide the shortest path to progress.

What We Provide

Organizational Performance

Our approach to solving problems puts people at the center of system and process design. As a result, the teams, structures and methods we build scale well with growth.

Our areas of focus:

  • Product Management
  • Project Leadership
  • Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Design

Technical Progress

You know the problem and have a solution in mind. We're here to validate and execute with purpose-built teams. When a solution is less clear, we approach every problem with technical objectivity and bring solutions with the least complexity possible.

Our areas of focus:

  • Business Insights & Data Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Line of Business Systems & Integration
  • Technology Advisory Services

NEW: Operations Essentials for Nonprofits

The simplest way to manage your nonprofit. Operations Essentials for Nonprofits helps you take control of your information so you can manage your purpose instead of your process.


  • Funding Management
  • Project & Cost Management
  • Workforce Management

About Us

Zimney & Co. is built to help people and organizations benefit from the ideas and efforts of creative problem-solvers. Our goal is to be working on the stickiest problems that organizations face today. Small businesses, nonprofits and global brands rely on us to overcome technical challenges, eliminate pains of growth, and strengthen them to take on more.

We do this by challenging assumptions, accounting for constraints and making the most the existing strengths of organizations to deliver something meaningful and useful.


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